Meet the Pastors


Meet the Pastors

Pastors Daniel & Theresa Jones
Senior Apostolic Leaders

Leading people to new heights in Christ is the passion of Pastors Daniel and Theresa Jones. The heart of their ministry at Summit is loving and encouraging others to fulfill their God-given destiny and to press to maximize their full potential in Christ. Their lives are a testimony for their ministry style, loving people and doing the works of Jesus Christ in this generation. Witnessing the modern day ministry of the Holy Spirit with gifts, healings, and miracles flowing in their ministry.   


Pastors Matt & Annie Steingard
Worship Pastors

Matt started serving in worship ministry as a teenager in his hometown near Toronto, Canada, and began leading worship in high school for his church's youth group. In 2003, he completed the Toronto School of Ministry at a sister Church of Catch the Fire located in London, England. It was there he met his wife, Annie, who is from the San Diego area. They married in 2005 and now live in North County. In 2004, Matt studied Theology at Tyndale University in Toronto, and in 2011, he completed the Biola Bold Program, and received his Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership.


Pastors Chris & Cassandra Bair
Men's  Pastor and  Creative Arts Pastor

Chris has a Bachelor's Degree in Theology / Leadership through Vision International University. Chris was ordained as a pastor in 2016,  and became our Children's Pastor. Since then, Chris has transitioned to our Men's Pastor. His passion is to disciple and raise up Godly men who are spiritual leaders and warriors in God's kingdom. 

Cassandra has been dancing since she was five years old and is passionate in her mission to prophetically and powerfully communicate the message of the Gospel through Creative Arts. She organizes and integrates the Arts into Summit's church services, local outreaches, special events, mission trips, and dance shows. Cassandra graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Minor in Leadership. She started Blessed Feet Dance in October of 2008.



Pastors Tommy & Vanessa Lien 
Youth Pastors 

Tommy & Vanessa's hearts are for missions, the local church, and young people. Together, they have lived in both India & Nepal for a few years doing missions work. They have worked with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and have led many mission teams overseas. They have also been youth pastors in Niagara Falls, Canada, and Los Angeles, California. They long to see revival in this generation. Tommy and Vanessa have been married over 20 years and they have 5 beautiful treasures, Kreedan, Kaleb, Canon, Caymin-Eli, and Emberlin.


Pastors Tal & Dee Klaus
Counseling & Sozo

Doctors Tal and Dee Klaus  oversee the counseling and Sozo transformation center. They both have doctorates in counseling as well as advanced training in administering and facilitating Sozos for individuals.